Why Are Female Dentists Important?

Why Are Female Dentists Important?

Like most medical fields, dentistry has only fairly recently seen an influx in the number female practitioners. Some estimates show even in 1980, only about 3 percent of dentists were female. Today that situation is rapidly improving, with as much as 45 percent of dental school graduates being female. This increase in the amount of female dentists is significant because oral health is a vital component of societal wellness. Doctors believe the state of a person’s teeth and gums can have lasting impacts on that person’s general health. More women dentists means a greater number of dental care professionals are available to provide important care for patients.

Oral Health

The primary job of any dentist, male or female, is to make sure your oral health stays in top condition. By brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, you can get rid of most of the plaque in your mouth. However, dentists are able to use more sophisticated tools to clean out the stuff that brushing alone can’t eliminate.

Dentists also fix any oral problems that might pop up, like the occasional cavity or a painful cracked tooth. They can administer preventative measures like protective fluoride brushed onto your teeth or sealants. These efforts help make sure your mouth remains a healthy environment.

Since the mouth is one of the most bacteria-filled parts of your body, keeping your mouth clean can prevent a number of other problems from besieging your body. For example, some bacteria can cause digestive problems because the mouth is an important first step to digestion. Harmful bacteria can travel through your bloodstream and cause infections like endocarditis that presents many complications to your overall health.

Oral Indicators

When you think of your gums, you normally don’t think, “I might have diabetes.” However to a dentist, that connection is far more clear. Your oral health can be a crucial indicator, not just a cause, of these kinds of health issues. In fact, doctors think that 90 percent of diseases have symptoms, like swollen gums and mouth ulcers,  that first manifest in your mouth. These diseases could be anywhere from relatively harmless to life-threatening, from diabetes to oral cancer and heart disease to leukemia.

Of course, finding an ulcer doesn’t necessarily mean you suddenly have heart disease, just like occasional joint aches don’t always mean you have arthritis. Since it is difficult to tell exactly what is causing your symptoms, only a qualified doctor can make accurate diagnoses. This is why regularly visiting a dentist, male or female, is so important. These health care providers give you one extra opportunity to check for serious health problems. They make sure that if the worst happens they refer you to a specialist as soon as possible and you can find out the true situation sooner rather than later.

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