Watermelon: Is It Good for Teeth?

Watermelon: Is It Good for Teeth?

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Summer is a great time to enjoy some tropical fruits, and watermelons are a perfect addition to your fresh fruit salad. Whether you’re thinking of making a watermelon shake, smoothie, or salad, this refreshing round fruit will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. However, from a dental standpoint, is watermelon good or bad for the teeth?

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is a wonder fruit with so many nutrients and antioxidants that contribute to good health. Did you know that the watermelon is 92% water? It’s a refreshing and thirst-quenching fruit to have on hand this summer. It has been found to help prevent heat stroke with its water and electrolyte content. It is also packed with Vitamins A, C, and B6, all of which can contribute to healthy skin and hair growth.

Apart from these, watermelons have lycopene which is the red pigment found in similar-colored fruits like tomatoes and red grapefruits. Lycopene has been linked to good heart and bone health as well as the prevention of prostate cancer. Watermelons also have no fat content, which makes them great for individuals who want to maintain their figure. This fruit contains some fiber and carbohydrates to fill you up when you’re hungry. Overall, watermelon is a healthy and tasty treat for the whole family.

Is Watermelon Good for Teeth?

With its high water and nutrient content, watermelons have a significant benefit to dental health. They are as follows:

  1. The water in watermelons can remove excess food particles stuck in and around teeth. It can also wash away bacteria and promote saliva production, increasing the natural protection of tooth enamel.
  2. Watermelons contain vitamin C that help kill bacteria in the mouth and strengthen the gum tissues, preventing gum disease.
  3. The antioxidants found in watermelons promote a healthy immune system which can actively fight bacteria that may cause tooth decay and gum disease.
  4. Watermelons can help reduce inflammation which may be related to gum disease and oral infections such as mucositis.

How to Enjoy Watermelon This Summer

Watermelons are best served chilled, so stack it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve it. Every cool and sweet bite of this fruit will make summer more enjoyable, especially when you’re at the beach and bathing under the sun. When making a watermelon recipe, it’s best to use natural sweeteners like honey to preserve the nutritive value of the fruit. Adding too much flavoring and sugar to it will ultimately destroy its dental health benefits.

If you experience any unusual dental problems when eating watermelons, such as sensitivity or toothache, you can call our dental clinic right away. Emergency dental care is one of our services to help patients who need immediate assistance. You may give us a call at (503) 563-7434 or visit our practice at 17952 SW Blanton St, Aloha, Oregon. Dr. Erica Bronitsky is one of the best dentists in Aloha and she can help you with your dental emergency.
Proper tooth and gum care is essential for maintaining dental health. Eating fruit like watermelons can benefit the teeth, but it is still a must to visit the best dentist in Aloha at least twice a year, along with brushing and flossing on a daily basis. With the right combination of good hygiene, healthy food, and professional care, you can ensure strong and beautiful teeth even in your later years.

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