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At Bronitsky Family Dentistry, our friendly and experienced staff work hard to provide every patient with the quality dental care they need to enjoy a healthy, great looking smile for a lifetime. If you're looking for a dentist in Aloha, OR, then Dr. Erica Bronitsky has you covered. Dr. Bronitsky provides a comprehensive range of advanced dental care services. Whether you need a routine exam and cleaning, want to improve the complexion of your smile through whitening teeth, or need dental restoration work to restore your oral health, our team at Bronitsky Family Dentistry can provide the compassionate and customized care you deserve.

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Enjoying a healthy, great looking smile for a lifetime require making a commitment to practicing quality oral hygiene at home and to receiving regular preventative dental care from Dr. Bronitsky. As an experienced family dentist in Aloha, Dr. Bronitsky and our team of gentle dental hygienists can help keep your teeth and gums healthy with regular dental exams and cleanings that will lower your risk for cavities and gum disease. We also offer other a variety of other preventative services, such as custom-made mouth guards, tooth sealants and fluoride treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry has quickly grown to become the most popular type of treatment provided to patients in the U.S. Years of eating and drinking enamel staining items and the damage done by dental decay can take a toll on the appearance of our smiles. With remarkably effective treatments such as dental bonding, dental veneers and dental crowns, Dr. Brontisky can help to restore some of the luster lost from any smile. Cosmetic dentistry offers an incredibly affordable and lasting solution for patients wanting a smile that dazzles.

For patients missing one or more teeth, dental implants make an ideal solution for restoring the form and function back to their smiles. Dental implants take the place of tooth roots badly damaged by dental decay and disease, and offer the most realistic alternative to natural teeth. If you’re tired of missing teeth impacting your ability to eat, smile, laugh, talk and enjoy life then dental implants may be right for you.

Just one look at the remarkable difference teeth whitening can make to the color and complexion of a patient’s smile and you’ll understand why teeth whitening has quickly become the most commonly performed cosmetic dental treatment in the U.S. If years of eating and drinking enamel staining items like coffee, tea, red wine and berries have robbed your smile of its brilliance, teeth whitening offers a safe and affordable solution for achieving the smile you’ve dreaming of.