At Bronitsky Family Dentistry, we strive to go above and beyond in providing every patient with the outstanding dental care they need to enjoy a great looking smile for a lifetime. If you are new to our Aloha dental office, we invite you to see for yourself what so many of our satisfied patients have to say about the Bronitsky Family Dentistry difference. If you're a returning patient, we please ask that you leave a comment about your own experience below.

Spice D. Avatar

5 star rating What an amazing office and staff! So impressed!

Spice D. 8/28/2019
Wendy J. Avatar

I have had very good experiences with Bronitsky family dental. They are such caring and thoughtful people. I have had alot of personal problems this year and they have all been so kind and nice through it all. Thank you, you all do a great job and have such a great team.

Wendy J. 8/15/2019
RipT W. Avatar

Even though I'm not a patient, Mica from the office referred me to sunset oral surgeons who extracted a very painful tooth in less than 24 hours after calling them. Dr. Sharifi was excellent and i owe it all to dr. Bronitsky's office.

RipT W. 8/14/2019
Hiloree B. Avatar

5 star rating Never in my life have I been to a dentist office where I have been treated with such compassion & kindness like I have here. Dr. Erica and her entire staff treat you as if you are family. If you have anxiety about the dentist or are feeling embarrassed & ashamed about your teeth, this is the place for you. I get emotional and it brings tears to my eyes because I can honestly say, as an addict in recovery, every time I leave this office I sit in my car, take a deep breath, and I cry happy tears. I love that I feel like I can be 100% honest with any of their staff and I've never been judged for my past, just shown love, support and encouragement.  Thank you Dr. Erica. You are one in a million.

Hiloree B. 7/18/2019
Marta C. Avatar

Hands down, the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Bronitsky and her staff are incredibly skillful and professional, but most importantly they are genuinely kind and attentive to their patients. Thank you so much for all your help, my teeth have never felt so good!

Marta C. 5/09/2019
Cynthia S. Avatar

Possibly the kindest dental office in America. In addition to that, Dr. Bronitsky and the staff are skilled, professional, compassionate, caring providers. Highly highly recommend!

Cynthia S. 3/12/2019
Danny U. Avatar

Dr. Bronitsky and her staff were able to provide me a great smile, again after chipping my tooth. I am so happy that I went with this dentistry! They did an amazing job.

Danny U. 2/05/2019
James C. Avatar

Quality practice, nice providers, reasonable rates, and great service. I haven’t been to a dentist in a decade and they were so kind and friendly. I highly recommend them. 😃🙏🏼

James C. 1/31/2019
Colin B. Avatar

Professional, friendly, and efficient. Fantastic place for dental work!

Colin B. 1/03/2019
chris L. Avatar

I have been a patient at that office for 35 years now and Dr. Farley was an amazing dentist so I was a little apprehensive but Dr. Bronitsky was a perfect person to take over! She is a great dentist and all around human being! Her work and staff are top notch and they will always do what they can to help you out. I have had nothing but great service and treatment and if your reading this and looking for a dentist Trust Me!!! Go to see Dr. Erica Bronitsky you wont regret it.

chris L. 1/03/2019
chris L. Avatar

I have been a patient at that office for 35 years now and Dr. Farley was an amazing dentist so I was a little apprehensive but Dr. Bronitsky was a perfect person to take over! She is a great dentist and all around human being! Her work and staff are top notch and they will always do what they can to help you out. I have had nothing but great service and treatment and if your reading this and looking for a dentist Trust Me!!! Go to see Dr. Erica Bronitsky you wont regret it.

chris L. 1/03/2019
Meghan T. Avatar

Dr. B and her staff are so kind and knowledgeable. As someone who has a crippling fear of dentists, she is very patient with me and has honestly lowered my anxiety tremendously. I trust her completely. I now don’t dread going to the dentist. I highly recommend Dr. B!

Meghan T. 12/06/2018
Bree J. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Erica is the best! If you're looking for an excellent dentist, she is it! The dental hygienists are amazing too. My teeth have never had such thorough cleaning with explanations of what's going on - no selling on additional work - just informative tidbits.
Every member of her staff is awesome so the experience is so easy and painless. They are also tech savvy so that makes life so much easier.
We had a billing issue with our insurance recently that they handled incredibly professionally and with great consideration. We did not expect that so honestly it doesn't get better than this practice. So impressed with how this place runs and the great patient care!

Bree J. 8/27/2018
Naomi F. Avatar

5 star rating By far the best experience I have had for my dental care needs. From start to finish, my dental visits have been pleasant. Jessica at the front desk is always welcoming. Susan,who is a great hygienist,that is very gentle in her cleanings and definitely meant to be a hygienist as her manner and approach are perfect for a patient. Dr. Erica, is lovely and has a great chairside manner. All of the staff remember little tidbits which emphasize the kind and compassionate care that you receive

Naomi F. 6/27/2018
Kelley L. Avatar

5 star rating I started seeing Dr. Erica Bronitsky shortly after a friend told me, "You have to go see her...she's the best!" I wasn't even unhappy with my dentist at the time but decided to switch anyways and I've never regretted it. I didn't know the exceptional care I was missing, not only from the doctor but from the friendly office staff and hygienists too! Everyone makes for great conversation and I honestly sort of look forward to going to the dentist now! How many people can say that?! I highly recommend Dr. Bronitsky!

Kelley L. 7/26/2017
Cynthia S. Avatar

5 star rating Dr Erica and her team exude professionalism, compassion, care and personal interest in each person. The team flows like clockwork- always in sync with one another. Their care of personal detail, recall of personal life markers, recall of names sets them apart as a caring facility. All of which is 2nd to the trustworthy and competent care you receive at the hands of people who are obviously committed to your smile! I get excited to see my dentist. I'm over 50 and that's never been the case! Highly recommend

Cynthia S. 9/15/2015
Rick T. Avatar

5 star rating Dr Erica is as good as it gets. Her staff is attentive, responsive and efficient.  She is so personable and caring you wouldn't know she was an awesome dentist.  I had an issue with a tooth and wasn't sure what it was. I emailed for an appointment and got a response with in an hour for the next day. When I got to the office they took me right in and in less than an hour I was on my way with a new filling.  Awesome is all I can say about these folks. I recommend them!

Rick T. 6/04/2015
Cassandra C. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Bronitsky and her practice are the bees knees! Here is why:

1. Her Bedside (Chairside??) Manner

Dr. Bronitsky is super calm, and isn't in a hurry which is awesome since I get nervous and need to collect myself when getting fillings -- I don't feel rushed if I need a second to take a few breaths. Although I don't have children myself, I could imagine her being great with kids because of her pleasant demeanor and for the fact that she's got twin boys -- patience is a virtue, no??

I hate it when I go to the dentist and my dentist talks to me about my dental hygiene in the same tone my mother talked to me right after getting gum stuck in my hair -- Dr. Bronitsky is the opposite! She doesn't chastise you for making perhaps so not so great dental hygiene decisions, but she will always let you know when there is a problem and helps you with ideas on how to, perhaps...ahem, floss more...

2. Affordability and Discount Plans

You get top-notch service that is affordable, and they even have a cool discount plan for those who don't have dental insurance! (Seems like more and more these days with all the budget cuts and whatnot.)

3. The Staff

I always get a friendly greeting when I walk into the practice, and they seem to know everyone's name! I also get nice postcard reminders for my next appointment AND a phone call...because sometimes life happens and you forget to go to the dentist for like, a year...or two. Phone calls are a great reminder and the staff has always been courteous and kind.

The hygienist I have had is gentle and also put my anxiety at ease.  I hate it when they poke around so much my gums bleed for days! She was also mellow which is always nice to be at a dentist's office -- see: anxiety.

All around I am super pumped to have finally found a good dentist in the Portland area who caters to my needs. If you live in Beaverton/Aloha, the office is in your backyard. If you live in Portland, the drive isn't actually that bad, you guys (heck, you drive farther to Costco) -- and totally worth it!

Cassandra C. 5/23/2015
Melissa D. Avatar

5 star rating Bronitsky Family Dentistry is one of the best dental offices I have ever been to. The entire staff is patient and caring. They all truly look out for the health of your teeth, mouth and wallet! The dental hygienists are very thorough with cleanings and x-rays. They politely let you know what areas you should pay more attention to. Dr. Erica Bronitsky then comes in and does a quick recheck and also lets you know of any problem areas. This past dental appointment, there were some cavities found. I had to come back to have them filled. Dr. Bronitsky and her team were amazing. They checked in frequently to see how I was doing. She explained what was happening to prepared me for anything that might be uncomfortable or make loud noise. Considering I was having cavities filled, it was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Dr. Bronitsky and her staff for all of your dentistry needs!

Melissa D. 4/22/2015
Rachel K. Avatar

5 star rating Great office staff. The cleaning was very thorough, gentle, and quick. Dr. Bronitsky was very gentle and precise. She helped improve my smile for my wedding day. An amazing dentist who really cares that you have an enjoyable experience at the dentist. I have some anxiety when it comes to dental procedures and she cares enough to help put my anxiety  at ease.  She also has your best interest at heart and is not just trying to perform costly and unnesscary procedures. I highly recommend Bronitsky Family Dentistry for you and your family's dental needs.

Rachel K. 10/15/2014