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Implants & Crowns

Dr. Erica Brontisky, DMD

No matter how many teeth you are missing, Bronitsky Family Dentistry is here to offer the best implants and crowns in Aloha. Dr. Erica Bronitsky has plenty of experience in the art of implant surgeries and will make sure that you get a tooth which is shaded exactly according to your natural teeth.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring one or several missing teeth because if not taken care of, missing teeth will start to cause a lot of problems. Dr. Bronitsky has been catering to patients with implants for years and knows the perfect set of teeth for you. She understands that each case is different and will always analyze your teeth and mouth before going in with an expert procedure.

We have seen multiple patients with teeth gone so far beyond that nothing could be done for them because their other teeth had lost stability as well because of the ignored infected tooth.

As an expert dentist, Dr. Bronitsky advices you get an infected tooth checked out immediately because the decay may spread to other teeth as well. If you want to avoid further damage, you should come to Dr. Erica Bronitsky so she can fit you with implants which are developed especially for you.

An implant is an artificial tooth which is placed inside your mouth where the teeth are missing. Usually, a crown is fitted over an implant to give it stability and only an experienced dentist like Dr. Bronitsky, who has extensive knowledge and experience with dental implants should be allowed to perform the procedure.

At Bronitsky Family Dentistry, we make sure that you get the best treatment possible so you have no complaints. Come to us for your missing teeth and we’ll fit you with such a natural looking tooth that nobody will be able to tell the difference between the artificial and natural ones.

Here are a few areas where dental implants will help you:

  • Your smile will start to look complete and you’ll feel confident and motivated.
  • Your self-esteem will rise.
  • You face will not have the "melted" or "sunken" look because the implants are in place.
  • You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods.

Give us a call at (503) 649-5665 so we can help you with your oral health issues.

With Dr. Bronitsky’s 15+ years of experience, you can trust her to help you with your problems no matter how bad they may be. Visit our clinic in Aloha for artificial implants or permanent dentures which don’t slip off and look natural. Our objective is to make our patients as happy and satisfied as we can, this is why we also offer $100 off on crowns and implants.

Don’t let this opportunity escape because with our personalized care and attention, you are sure to go back to the way you were in no time at all.

Book an appointment with us at (503) 649-5665 and share our special discount with friends and family so they too can benefit.