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Bring Your Child to Bronitsky Family Dentistry Where Dr. Bronitsky Will Give Them a Grand Tour to Make Them Comfortable and Treat Their Dental Issues!

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Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Erica Brontisky, DMD

Dr. Erica Bronitsky is a pediatric dentist who is dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy throughout the teen years. With her skills, you can expect your child to have the best experience and to be as comfortable as possible. Because Dr. Bronitsky has over 10 years of experience dealing with children’s gum, teeth and mouth, she knows the solutions to each of your child’s complains.

Dr. Erica Bronitsky has a lot of experience with child dentistry and will make sure that your child isn’t frightened or terrified about a procedure. Bring in your child for a free dental consultation in Aloha and we’ll even give them a tour so they can feel like a part of the Bronitsky Family Dentistry.

Visit Bronitsky Family Dentistry with your child because you never know what might be going on inside their mouth. A pediatric dentist as experienced as Dr. Bronitsky knows that children start to get their teeth during the first 6 months and lose their first set of teeth by age 6 or 7. Once these baby teeth start to fall, they will be replaced by secondary or permanent teeth. However, if your child is facing oral health issues right now, he will lead a life of pain and complications. So the best thing to do would be to visit the Bronitsky Family Dentistry so that there is no chance of infection or decay to foster.

Pediatric dentists provide an array of dental health care facilities to children. Here are a few scenarios when you should decide to bring your child to our clinic in Aloha.

  • Visit Dr. Erica Bronitsky if you are not sure about the fluoride usage appropriate for your child. The dentist will give you guidelines and instructions which will help you decide the proper toothpaste and nutrition for your child. She may also suggest you specific brands to make things easy.
  • If you are worried about your child’s thumb sucking or pacifier using habit, you should immediately call our clinic at (503) 649-5665 because these habits can make a child’s teeth crooked.
  • Always consult Dr. Bronitsky if you are worried your child has a tooth infection or tooth cavity. Though cavities are common at this stage of life, it is important to get it checked so the problem doesn’t cause any further complications.

We are professionals at the work we do at our dental practice in Aloha and will make sure that you, nor your child has any complaints when you leave us. If you are searching for a pediatric dentist near me, you can find us in Aloha. We perfectly understand the state of mind that a child is in when they are brought to a pediatric dentists and that’s why Dr. Erica Bronitsky, along with the entire staff will ensure that your child feels at home and isn’t intimidated by the equipment he sees.

When your child accompanies you for the first time to a child dentist, it is important to let them know about several things and answer child dentistry questions, including what do pediatric dentist do and what is a pediatric dentist. At Bronitsky Family Dentistry we understand this, and will give your child a grand office tour so he can see just how friendly we are.

Call us at (503) 649-5665 to discuss your child’s oral health with us right away. You can also pay us a visit at 7952 SW Blanton St, Aloha OR 97007.