How to Overcome Your Fear of Wisdom Teeth Extraction


The fear of having your wisdom tooth extracted is common and many people believe they have little choice but to endure endless bouts of pain. However, given the advancements in dentistry, know that the pain and especially fear that many people associate with wisdom teeth extraction, is temporary and in some cases completely psychological.wisdom teeth extraction

The only thing that’s preventing you from getting complete and permanent relief is the removal of those impacted wisdom teeth.

These tips will help you overcome fears associated with wisdom teeth removal.

Think about What the Worse-case Scenario Can be

Wisdom teeth are not always impacted but when they are, they can cause some serious dental issues. This is due to the fact that they are forcibly trying to grow in a space which can’t house them properly. This can lead to common dental issues such as crowding, which can disrupt the natural alignment of the rest of your teeth. It can also cause infection or damage to the neighboring teeth, which might lead to cavities.

Impacted wisdom teeth are also a common cause of gum infection because they grow abnormally from the gumline. Chances are you’ll end up having serious jaw pain that may prevent you from eating normally. This is why it is better to go for wisdom teeth extraction.

Stop Visualizing Scary Images

Thinking about what could possibly go wrong during the extraction is not going to help you at all, naturally. What you can do is divert your thoughts to something you’ve been looking forward to doing all week or perhaps what the score cards might look like in your latest sports update.

Watching wisdom teeth extraction videos on social media channels in a bid to better prepare yourself for what’s in store, is not a good idea at all. For one thing, the person might have undergone a procedure that required specific measures, given their condition at the time. It does not necessarily apply to everyone.

Just sit back and relax, listen to some good music and get it over with. It’s just a matter of minutes and you’ll be back home in no time. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

Here’s the Truth

Just think about how the procedure will introduce positive changes in your quality of life; no more pain or discomfort, for instance. Plus, you’re not going to feel a thing in your tooth or surrounding gum tissue because your dentist will administer a reasonable amount of anesthesia to numb it.

Recovery is quick and free of complications, if you follow the post-surgery instructions as recommended by your dentist. People generally recover in two days but some might take a week, depending on their current health and especially, how closely they stick to the post-surgery instructions.

Discuss it Openly with Dr. Erica Bronitsky

Your dental anxiety can also be a real phobia which is commonly known as odontophobia. Professional counseling can help you to overcome your fears. Regardless of age and gender, odontophobia is common in people and there is no shame at all in discussing this with your dentist.

Feel free to share all your concerns with an experienced dentist rather than discussing it with people who are quick to stereotype you.

If you are currently experiencing pain and discomfort due to impacted teeth or have fears associated with the extraction procedure, let us know right away. It is our job to clearly explain how it all works, remove your fears and get you on the road to pain-free recovery.. Tell us what you need by reaching Dr. Erica Bronitsky at (503) 649-5665.


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