Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays

If you are in need of restoration, a common option may be to get a filling with a amalgam or composite material for your tooth. However, in some cases a patient may have such greater issues with the foundation and strength of their teeth that they instead will need to consider an inlay or an onlay. If you are having problems with the strength of your teeth and you are afraid that it’s time to have some work done, give Bronitsky Family Dentistry a call today at (503) 649-5665. Dr. Erica Bronitsky is experienced
with inlay and onlay fittings, and you are certain to enjoy the treatment that you receive.

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What Is The Difference Between And Inlay And An Onlay?

The goal of both an inlay and an onlay is ideally the same: to make your teeth stronger by adding structure to the overall foundation. However, the way in which each process adds this strength to your teeth is quite a bit different.

An inlay is quite similar to a filling, as the material is placed inside the cup of the tooth. In doing so, the entire tooth will be stronger and the patient will be able to go about their day normally without the fear of having serious pain that would otherwise come with an exposed tooth.

On the other hand, an onlay requires a reconstruction of the tooth. This is because the material will be placed over the tooth in order to give it more strength.

In short, you can just think of inlays as something that goes inside the tooth, and onlays as something that goes on top. To find out more about inlays and onlays, as well as which one may be best for you, give us a call today at (503) 649-5665.

What Material Are Inlays And Onlays Made Of?


One of the biggest reasons that people tell us that they avoid dental work is because they are embarrassed to have metal fillings in their mouth. Although we understand those concerns, it’s certainly no reason for you to avoid getting the dental care that you need. In the past, dental inlays and onlays were made of gold or silver. However, at Bronitsky Family Dentistry you can now get an inlay or an onlay made from a white material, and no one will even notice that you’ve had any work done.

Can My Dental Procedure Wait?

If you have a busy schedule and you are finding it hard to fit a dentist appointment into your schedule, we completely understand. It can be incredibly difficult to find the time, but we assure you that it’s time well spent. If you have a tooth that is damaged and needs to be fitted with either an inlay or an onlay, you are only risking further damage by not having it seen to.

Instead of taking that risk, give Bronitsky Family Dentistry a call today at (503) 649-5665 to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to examine your teeth and provide you with treatment options.


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