What is The Hype About Stem-Cells Ending Root Canals?

Hundreds of dentists around the world often encounter people who have one common issue with their dental health: root canals. A root canal can be a painful experience for many and this happens because the root canal, or the pulp of the tooth, gets infected. Once infected, there will be swelling and continuous pain. Root canal dentist Aloha may recommend surgery once the root canal is too infected to be saved with normal cleaning. There are many reasons to not want a Root canal surgery Aloha. From various time restraints for the required checkups, to the time off after surgery, to the costs involved.

Recently, there has been a huge hype regarding the use of stem-cells and how it may end root canals. Let’s discuss that now.

What are Stem-Cells?

In layman’s term, stem cells are the cells which have not yet gone through change but can ultimately change into different and more specialized cells. Two of the most common sources of stem-cells are the umbilical cord and bone marrow.

Stem-cells are known to be a great way of helping the body regenerate a certain part or even heal an area affected by a disease. For several years’ researchers and medical professionals have focused on the benefits the body receives from the use of stem-cells. One result focused on dental health, particularly a root canal.

How Can Stem-Cells End Root Canals?

Because of the regeneration ability triggered by stem-cells, dental professionals and enthusiasts of stem-cells believe that it can help in problems revolving around root canals. Dental root canals often require surgery, but based on the research conducted, using stem-cells will not be as invasive. The stem-cells will replace the affected root canal and help the damaged pulp to regenerate.

Root canals are not the only benefit that researchers see from using stem-cells for dental health. The repair of bones in the face, the regeneration of perforations inside the mouth, and the regeneration of the whole tooth are all being considered for the use of stem-cells. The benefits this could have are tremendous.

Why are Stem-Cells for Dental Use a Hype?

The idea is possible but may not yield the results perceived by enthusiasts and researchers. There are hurdles researchers still need to overcome such as, the source of stem-cells, the compatibility of the stem-cells on the body, and the materials used to hold the stem-cells growth on the teeth. Until these obstacles are solved, taking good care of your dental health and trusting your root canal dentist Aloha for the care of your root canal issues is your best option.

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