Holiday Tips for Healthy Teeth

Holiday Tips for Healthy Teeth

Regardless of what holidays you might celebrate, December means one sure thing: holiday food. Elaborate family dinners are a staple of almost every celebration, and these meals are often designed with one thing in mind: taste. As Dr. Erica Bronitsky from Bronitsky Family Dentistry in Aloha, OR, warns, though, taste shouldn’t be the only thing you consider when you plan your family’s next meal. Considering the oral health implications of various foods is important as well. Here are some general guidelines you could follow to keep your family’s teeth clean and healthy through the veneers in aloha

Avoid serving too many sweet and sticky foods

As you probably know already, sweet and sticky foods are some of the most problematic foods for your oral health. This is because cavity-causing bacteria happen to be attracted to foods with high amounts of sugars and that stick to your teeth. Thus, desserts in general can be a feast not only for your children, but also for the bacteria that may linger in their teeth.

Brush your teeth after dessert

It’s hard to keep any child away from the cookies and cakes for long though, which is why instead of completely blacklisting sweet foods, you could default to a much simpler technique — encourage everyone to brush their teeth after dessert. Brushing and flossing are incredibly effective ways to get rid of the harmful bacteria in the mouth, and it will leave you and your family’s teeth clean and healthy.

Visit your dentist after the holidays

Finally, the best way to ensure that you and your family maintain your oral health despite holiday foods is to visit the dentist. Dentists like Dr. Erica Bronitsky can perform thorough dental checkups that identify any oral health issues that might have developed and take the appropriate actions to repair the damage. Thus, as soon as your holiday season is over, contact Dr. Erica Bronitsky. Just call (503) 563-7434!


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Holiday Tips for Healthy Teeth
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