What are Dentures?

Dentures are a removable appliance used to replace missing teeth. There are two different types of dentures — complete and partial.

Why Do I Need Them?

DenturesDentures are used to fill the space of missing teeth. Whether you are missing all your teeth or you have some natural teeth remaining will determine what type of dentures you need. Dentures can help patients in several areas. The benefits of dentures include:

  • Restoring your mouth to its basic functions

  • Returning confidence back into your smile

  • Helping maintain face shape and structure (the loss of teeth can actually cause the jaw to shrink, which can make a person appear older than they really are)

  • Allowing you to chew food properly

  • Preventing any remaining teeth from shifting out of place

  • Clarifying speaking and making it easier to speak.

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What are the Types of Dentures?

Partial dentures are used for people who still have some natural teeth. A partial denture features attachments that bond to the remaining teeth to secure the denture in place. This move returns the mouth to its natural appearance and regular chewing functions.

Complete dentures are used to replace all the teeth in a patient’s mouth. These removable dentures are made specifically for each person to ensure a proper, snug fit.

What is the Process to Getting Custom Dentures?

Close up of two dentures inside the dentist clinic

Dentures are made specifically for each patient. Since everyone’s mouth is different, a dentist constructs each pair of dentures after taking models each individual patient’s teeth.

First, impressions are taken of a person’s mouth and jaw. Measurements also are taken with consideration of how much space is between your jaws and how the jaws relate to one another. Then, a model is created from the impressions. A dentist then will place this model into the mouth to ensure that the real denture will fit properly. Once the shape is perfect, the dentist will then assess the patient’s mouth and color-match to the gum tissues.

The final dentures are then cast from model, which should fit seamlessly into the mouth. Minor adjustments may be made to ensure that the dentures fit comfortably in the patient’s mouth.

How Much do Dentures Cost?

Dentures can vary in price. The following factors can determine the price of dentures:

  • Material used to construct the dentures

  • Partial dentures or complete dentures

  • Whether tooth extractions for teeth that are not stable enough to support partial dentures may have to be completed prior to getting dentures

  • Insurance coverage

Are There Alternatives to Dentures?

Alternatives to dentures include dental bridges and dental implants. Bridges are used to replace just a few missing teeth. Implants can be used to place anywhere from one to all of the teeth.

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