Dental Checkup & Cleaning

Dental Checkup & Cleaning

dental-examDental check-ups and cleanings are instrumental to good oral health. A regular dental check-up and biannual dental cleaning can do more for you than ensure an attractive smile. Your mouth can tell your dentist a lot about your overall health, including whether you are developing a serious disease such as diabetes or nutrient deficiencies.

Some of the latest research shows that your oral health is a mirror to your overall health. Good oral health in general means a better chance at maintaining good overall health. Research also shows that having good oral health can actually help prevent you from getting certain diseases.

The Many Health Complications of Gum Disease

gingivitis2Not getting a regular dental cleaning, and avoiding regular check-ups can lead to gum disease. According to the experts at the Academy of General Dentistry, there is a strong relationship between the bacteria that causes gum disease, and serious health problems such as strokes or heart disease. Women who suffer from gum disease run the risk of having pre-term, low birth-weight babies.

Research has also shown that a large majority of systemic diseases also show signs in the mouth. Signs may include swollen gums, dry mouth, and mouth ulcers, which may be part of any one of the following systemic diseases:

  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Diabetes
  • Oral cancer

It is crucial to have regular dental checkups, as your dentist could be the first to diagnose one of these diseases in the early stages.

Poor Oral Health Habits Can Lead to Problems

If you do not make it a point to make care of your teeth and gums on a daily basis, you may very well develop other health problems. They may include:

Digestion Problems

The process of digestion starts with chewing and breaking down of food into digestible size pieces. If your stomach and intestines have to work harder to process food, this can lead to digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and intestinal failure. Also, if you are unable to eat the food you need because of the issues you’re having with your teeth, you could also be missing out on vital nutrients and minerals that your body needs. Without the vitamins and minerals you need, other systems of your body may not work as optimally as they should.

Heart and Major Organ Problems

Infections in your mouth can have an affect your major organs. Heart valves and the heart itself can be inflamed by bacterial endocarditis. This is a condition that affects people with damaged heart tissue and heart disease. Studies have discovered the same bacteria that causes gum disease inside the lungs and could play a factor in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory conditions.

Facial and Oral Pain

Gum infections can cause pain. Gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, will affect up to 75% of adults in the United States. It can cause swelling and facial pain in the form of sensitive and bleeding gums, and abscesses.

What You Can Do About It

The best thing you can do for your oral and overall health is to see your dentist on a regular basis. He/she will help ensure you have the best possible oral health, and while also watching out for signs of other serious health issues so that treatment can begin before they become a larger problem.

A dental check-up can also detect if you are not eating a proper diet, and spot improper jaw alignment and a host of other problems. You need to have a regular dentist, if you do not already have one. He or she will want to know your complete medical history, and be sure and inform them if you are having any health issues, even if they may not be directly related to your oral health.

Sexy and beauty

Also make sure you practice sound oral hygiene practices. Brush with a soft bristle brush at least two times daily and floss at least once daily. Stay away from smoking cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins A and C to avoid gum disease, and use a fluoridated toothpaste when you brush.

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