Dental Bridges


Are you someone who hides your smile because you are embarrassed of your teeth? Luckily, at Bronitsky Family Dentistry, we offer dental bridges among many other restorative treatments. Dental bridges are a great way to help restore your natural and beautiful smile. If you are missing one or more teeth in your mouth, our staff can use a dental bridge to help fix the problem and restore your natural smile.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge sits between two healthy teeth and replaces a missing tooth. Because the tooth will look natural, there will be no visible evidence of dental work. In some cases, we can also use multiple different bridges to replace many missing teeth.

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Why Is A Dental Bridge Important?


Dental bridges do more than just improve your appearance. There are many benefits to getting a dental bridge. You reason for getting a dental bridge could be purely cosmetic. However, you may be surprised to know your missing tooth is doing more than just causing you unhappiness with your appearance. In fact, missing teeth can result in shifting of the other teeth that are still in your mouth. This means that a small issue can quickly turn into many more problems, such as misalignment or shifting, as well as a generally unhealthy oral structure. This may inhibit your oral function. This procedure can prevent further oral alignment and function issues.

How Secure Is A Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are incredibly secure and they will last in your mouth for many years to come. When you come to our office, we will use a mold that will perfectly fit your mouth. This is a specialized individual treatment geared to the needs of each patient. The dental bridge procedure will restore proper oral function and appearance. In addition, bridges are very secure, so they will ensure that you are able to chew, eat, and go about life like you did before the missing teeth.

Does The Dental Bridge Treatment Hurt?

Like any procedure or treatment, the pain that a patient will feel will depend on his or her tolerance. However, you can rest assured knowing that we will do everything that we can to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable experience. We offer many different sedatives to ensure your experience is as pain-free as possible. With dental bridges, you can once again have a beautiful smile that you’ll be proud of and a secure foundation that will lead to better overall oral health.

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