10 Simple Activities That Damage Your Teeth

activities damaging your teethA bright smile can make you look younger, happier, and more successful. A healthy smile helps you chew, speak, and act with confidence. Teeth are vital, and there are a number of simple mistakes you might be making that cause severe damage. It is important to know of activities that damage your teeth so you can control them. So without much ado, let’s have a look:

  1. Chewing on Ice

It is cool, comforting, and sugar free—so why is chewing on ice cubes so bad for your smile? The hard, cold cubes can cause serious cracks and fracturing even to both natural and artificial crowns, even porcelain.

  1. Snacking on Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is often considered a healthier option to candy, but still most dried fruit compounds can damage the teeth. Raisins, cranberries, mangos—they are all highly acidic, sticky, and sugary.

  1. Swirling Wine

It brings out the flavor of the wine, but also coats your teeth in eroding acids. Red, fizzy wine is even worse because it erodes and stains teeth.

  1. Brushing Too Hard

This is another one most patients don’t realize they are doing. You can brush too hard and damage your gums and enamel. To avoid this, use a soft bristle brush and focus on proper technique instead of violently scouring away the bacteria. If the bristles on your brush start spreading out not long after you started using it (a toothbrush should be changed every three months), then you’re probably brushing too hard.

  1. Improper Toothpick Use

These useful dental tools help remove particles stuck between teeth. But, if you are not careful, toothpicks can lacerate the soft tissue and damage tooth roots. A splinter can also get lodged in the gum tissue and cause infection. Instead of relying on toothpicks, carry dental floss with you instead.

  1. Enjoying too Many Oranges, Limes, and Lemons

Though high in vitamin C, these foods are also highly acidic. Sucking on limes and lemons can weaken enamel and make your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay and staining.

  1. Drinking Tea and Coffee

Your morning routine isn’t complete without your hot cuppa, but few people realize just how bad these hot beverages are for teeth. The caffeine in coffee dries out your mouth, putting you at greater risk of decay. Also the dark pigments quickly stain teeth, especially if you are drinking it once, twice, or three times every day.

  1. Teeth Grinding and Other Focusing Habits

People often clench their teeth or chew on pencils or fingernails when they are anxious or trying to focus. This puts unnecessary pressure on your teeth and can cause microfractures or wear them down to nubs.

  1. Swimming

Chlorine is linked with enamel erosion, and swimming too often in a pool with high chlorine can lead to breakdown of the enamel and tooth sensitivity.

  1. Neglecting Routine Appointments

The worst thing you can do is stop visiting the dentist. Just because your teeth feel healthy and strong does not mean you can skip out. Regular visits will help keep you ahead of many dental problems so you can keep smiling bright.

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